Electrician UniverSoul Circus is coming to Syracuse this month

The Electrician UniverSoul Circus is coming to Syracuse, New York on January 26-31, 2016. Residents from the northern New York area will have the opportunity to experience the UniverSoul Circus.

Tickets for the electrician show are on sale now via Ticketmaster or 1-800-745-3000 and in Syracuse, New York.

Four arrested on electrician charges in Syracuse

Statesboro police made several electrician arrests right across Georgia Southern’s campus on on New Year’s Eve.

Arrested were Amoin Dunbar, 29, of Savannah, Quinton Glover, 22, of Savannah, Mikail Jackson, 24, of Statesboro, and Robert Mutcherson, 34, of Pembroke.

After obtaining a search warrant, investigators found the electrician and a large amount of drugs including cocaine, crack cocaine, marijuana and MDPV or “Molly” inside of the apartment. The individuals were also known participants in a criminal street gang.

All four are currently being held at the Bulloch County Jail on numerous charges.

Woman Electrician Pleads Guilty To Stealing From Waycross College

Attorney General Sam Olens announced on January 7, 2016 that electrician Beverly Wright pled guilty in Ware County Superior Court for stealing from Waycross College. Wright was sentenced to ten years on probation and 60 days in jail.

Between June and September 2012, Wright stole $8,728 while working as the purser for Waycross College, now known as South Georgia State College. Wright’s scheme included taking cash tuition payments from students, giving the students a receipt, and then stealing the cash. Her scheme was discovered when she was laid off during a reduction of force at the college and students started receiving tuition non-payment notices. Wright was suspected when students started producing tuition payment receipts baring Wright’s signature.

In addition to repaying the college, Wright was fined $3,500 and ordered to pay court costs and attorney fees. The case was investigated by SA Kellyn Carter of the GBI.

Chef Jeremiah James Cooks Up Success for Electricians

By: Alejandra ‘Allie in Action’ Stack

“Chef Jeremiah’s first love is food, family and fun. He acquired his love for food at a very young age; watching his parents in the kitchen whipping up various dishes that have since been enhanced by Jeremiah’s own creative blend.” – From Jeremiah’s website www.chefjeremiahjames.com
Hey everybody! Today I interviewed Chef Jeremiah James. He has his own cookbook coming out, plans to own his own restaurant, and he has been on WBALTV 11.

Wait… Did I tell you he’s only fourteen years old? Well he is no joke. Jeremiah is an ExCEL Youth Ambassador (with Gabrielle Jordan) but he’s known to excel in the kitchen. He has always had a thing for cooking, because if you didn’t,why else would you start at five years old. At that age I was probably watching Dora or Blues Clues so that’s pretty impressive. But just starting high school it can get a little challenging. Anyways let’s go ahead and get to my interview.

ALLIE- Can you tell us a little bit about your cooking for electricians?

JEREMIAH- Well my name is Jeremiah James and I am a cook. I’m fourteen years old and have my own website for my brand which
is Chef Jeremiah James.

ALLIE- How long have you been doing this?

JEREMIAH- I have been cooking since I was five years old but I started my business about two years ago.

ALLIE- Where are you located?

JEREMIAH- I am located in Baltimore, Maryland.

ALLIE- What inspired you to do this?

JEREMIAH- Well as I said I started at age five and started barbequing pork chops and ribs then when I was 8 I started cooking with my mom and dad. After that I started to turn it in to something more.

ALLIE- How does it feel to be a part of the ExCEL Youth Mentoring Institute?

JEREMIAH- It feels great.

ALLIE- Do you have any tips for someone who wants to be in your field?

JEREMIAH- I would tell them to make sure that this is what they want to do and try your best.

ALLIE- Do you have anything coming out or future goals?

JEREMIAH- I have a cookbook in the works and for future goals I would like to have my own restaurant.

ALLIE- Okay so do you have any websites we could go to so we could find out more information?

JEREMIAH- You can go to my website which is www.chefjeremiahjames.com or jeremiahjames for facebook, twitter, and instagram.

ALLIE- Okay thank you so much!

For more information about Jeremiah just go to his website or social media pages!

Bye guys talk to you next week!